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Pen mount for CR10/Ender variety printers

Our spring loaded, rod and bearing pen mount design lets you produce precise drawings with your printer. It attaches magnetically making it easy to switch between plotting and 3D printing. When you purchase this mount you also get 1 month of Plotify2D access!

pen mount from front: screws, rods, and spring
pen mount from back: magnets


Printer Compatability: works with most Creality printers (CR10/Ender variety) that have the 46mm tall stock black fan shroud.

Maximum Pen Diameter: 12mm

Tool Offset: Approximately 30mm x 20mm when mounted to the left of the extruder, and approximately 0mm x 45mm when mounted on the front of the extruder.

Materials: Steel alloy rods, bronze sleeve bearings, neodynium magnets, PLA/PETG (black)

Software Access: When you purchase this pen mount your receipt will contain a coupon code for 1 month of Plotify2D access.

Design Updates: Your mount might include circular magnets instead of square magnets. Pen mount *does not* come with fan shroud.


Domestic Only: Ships in 1-2 business days via USPS Priority Mail or USPS First Class Mail.

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